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A. Correction of course selection

Attention!   Requisition must seize to the office (N215) in the specified time.



B. Graduation Special Topics's Attachment

name download link
Guiding Mentor Consent Form download
Guiding Mentor Transaction Form download
Guiding Mentor Evaluation Form download
Guiding Mentor Meeting Form download
Oral Examination Committee Evaluation Form download
Oral Examination Committee Review Opinion Form download
Oral Examination Committee Opinion Response Form download
Report Title Page download
Report Planning Format download
Interim Report Format download
Final Report Format download

Graduation Special Topics's I

Written Repor Evaluation Form

Graduation Special Topics's II

Written Repor Evaluation Form



C. Internship/ Work Study Attachment

name download link


 Must read it carefully ! 


Consent Form download


For winter or summer vacation  : download

For full semester: download

Other Application documents



D. Program Attachment

name download link
School Regulations Page download
Departmental Regulations Page download
Certificate Application Form download
Study Application Form download



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